DTG Printing

The two most popular apparel printing methods are Screen and DTG (direct-to-garment) printing. While screen printing is still used by many businesses to print custom t-shirts, DTG printing is gaining momentum due to the cost savings, unlimited colors, and eco-friendliness factors.

So the question is, which of these two printing methods should you use? We’re going to answer all of your questions about what DTG and screen printing are, the differences between them and the quality of designs produced. Let’s start with the major differences between these two custom printing methods…

What’s The Difference Between Screen Printing & DTG Printing?

When using screen printing, the finished screen printed product has a bulky feel over the design, and the setup costs are on a per printing screen basis. Secondly, production takes a long time and does not lend itself to intricate details.

Water-based ink takes time to absorb and then cure or set to move on to other processes like applying different print screens. This slowdown of screen printing is inefficient when pitted against DTG printing. In contrast, DTG printers use a type of technology that supports high-volume direct-to-garment (or DTG) production even with the most detailed images or artwork.

We at T-Shirt Printing SA use DTG printers that are fast, allow for unlimited vibrant colors, and bring efficiency to the process. The result of which is a stunning array of high-quality products that feature gradient color changes without the buildup of ink.

Every printed shirt by our printers looks amazing, and there’s no need to worry about screens or color limits with DTG printing.

Also, full-color printing is now achievable with the DTG method. That is why DTG printing is quickly becoming the de facto printing process for print on demand.

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Is DTG Printing Good Quality?

By boosting the number of available color choices from nine to virtually unlimited, with DTG printing, you can enjoy photo-realistic renditions of designs.

But it doesn’t stop there! People now choose to combine photos with artistic additions for colorful graphics that are works of art rather than simple shirt prints, DTG printers can produce amazing results on both light and dark-colored fabrics.

So with DTG, you never have to let a process limit your creativity.

The minimum you need to begin is a high-resolution digital image. The better the dpi and resolution of the image, the greater the final result will be when printed onto the shirt or garment.

DTG printing allows us to offer custom product features to consumers like garment personalization by adding a name or phrase during the order process—the result, a custom experience that is achieved only with DTG printing.

Note: With DTG printing, the quality of the shirt you print on is important as it works best when printed on 100% cotton shirts. However, a poly-cotton blend can still result in a great quality print (if there’s higher cotton to polyester ratio).

How Long Does The Print Last?

Sure, DTG is fast. But, is it also durable? After all, nobody wants color washing or fading of prints.

On-demand print services are only attractive when the customer is happy with the product and returns. In addition to a low price, the quality of the printed work has to speak for itself.

The results you get from DTG garments are long-lasting and can smoothly go through hundreds of washes. The printed garments may vary from style and ink absorbency, but the print result is undeniable.